The legacy of ‘Reaganomics’: most Americans are poorer today than in 1987

monopolyb“Reaganomics” — blind faith in supply-side “trickle down” down GOP economics which redistributed wealth upwards to the über-rich investor class on the promise that making the so-called “job creators” even wealthier would create economic expansion and prosperity that would “trickle down” to the middle and even lower economic classes — is a disproved and discredited lie. The American economy has been ravaged by the crippling consequences of this lie for 30 years now. It is the source of the greatest economic inequality in the United States since the end of the Gilded Age in 1929.

Matt O’Brien writes at the Washington Post’s Wonkblog today, The bottom 90 percent are poorer today than they were in 1987:

Once upon a time, the American economy worked for everybody, and even the middle class got richer. But this story has only been a fairy tale for almost 30 years now. The new, harsh reality is that the bottom 90 percent of households are poorer today than they were in 1987.

This is actually a much more dramatic statement than it sounds. While the Federal Reserve has already told us that the median households is worth less now than it was in 1989 – that’s the household right in the middle — it turns out that everybody but the richest 10 percent of Americans are worst off. That includes the poor, the entire middle class, and even what we would consider much of the upper class.


You can see this troubling finding in the chart above, based on data from Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman’s new paper on U.S. wealth inequality, which itself is based on tax data. In this chart, I’ve taken each group’s inflation-adjusted net worth from 1945 and indexed that to 100, so we can compare how wealth has grown for people with lots or little of it. The answer, as you can see, is that the bottom 90 percent actually did very well during the first few decades of the postwar period — adding more wealth, in percentage terms, than those at the top.

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Mr. Etch A Sketch to fund raise for Etch A Sketch McSally

Willard “Mittens” Romney, “Mr. Etch A Sketch” thanks to his political strategist Eric Fehrnstrom’s unscripted remark, Mitt Romney Etch A Sketch Comment Quickly Becomes a Meme, is coming to Tucson to fund raise for congressional candidate Etch A Sketch McSally. Birds of a feather who will say anything to get elected. Etch-a-Sketch Election | Tucson Weekly:

romney say anythingMcSally is presenting herself as a fundamentally different candidate than she was in 2012. In that campaign, she embraced a lot of Tea Party positions; at a debate in SaddleBrooke, she said there wasn’t much difference in ideology between her and Kelly and Antenori. “When it comes to the issues … we have very similar philosophies,” McSally said, running down a list of topics from lower taxes to protecting the Second Amendment. “We are in agreement.”

In her first campaign, McSally had a lot to learn. Asked by the Weekly a few days into her campaign if she supported Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, she responded: “Who’s Paul Ryan?” She explained that she wasn’t familiar with congressional leadership because “I just arrived here 2 ½ weeks ago after quitting my job, and I’m looking for a place to live and running for Congress.”

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Gov Brewer Floods LD9 Race with Dark Money for Orr

Gov.-Jan-Brewer-adjGovernor Jan Brewer is flooding Tucson’s legislative district 9 race with $101,000 to buy the seat for Republican Ethan Orr. In addition to the Brewer donations, 63% of Orr’s $49,000 has come from from dark money donors. In comparison, challenger Dr. Randy Friese has raised $115,000 in the same time period, with only 3% coming from political action committees (PAC).

From the Friese campaign…

Brewer PAC floods LD-9 with over $100,000 in dark money

Clear struggle between grass roots voter support and dark money influences

Tucson, Arizona — Numbers posted today on the Arizona Secretary of State’s website show that Governor Jan Brewer has pumped over $101,000 in independent expenditures into the LD-9 race in hopes of purchasing the seat for the Republican candidate, Ethan Orr. This money comes from Arizona’s Legacy, Brewer’s Political Action Committee.

“This seems to show a great level of desperation,” said Cheryl Cage, campaign manager for Democratic candidate Dr. Randy Friese, “and we view this as an indication that polls being conducted by the Republicans are showing that this seat is highly competitive.  It is equally interesting that Orr touts himself as a moderate, but is supported by a Governor that issues press releases that state the marriage equality ruling is ‘disappointing and deeply disturbing’. 

Of the $49,288 Orr has raised by himself during this cycle (since Jan 1 2014) over $31,000 has come from other PAC donations.

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Traditonal Japanese music concert at Yume gardens


Yume Japanese Gardens is located south of the Tucson Botanical Gardens, at 2130 N. Alvernon Way. You can purchase tickets online at:

WTF, Laurie Roberts?

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laurie roberts

I had long suspected that Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts’ focus on child abuse in her columns is little more than self-serving preening but her latest piece removed all doubt.

Last week, Democrat Fred DuVal told members of a Gilbert church that he believes your 14-year-old daughter should be able to get an abortion without first getting your consent.

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Blind Congressional Candidate Buys a Gun, No Questions Asked

In Arizona, even if you are totally blind, you can buy a gun at a gun show– no questions asked– for as little as $100.

James Woods, who is running for Congress against incumbent Republican Matt Salmon (CD5), is a bold progressive candidate. He has made national headlines by sending Woods for Congress condoms labeled “Prevent Abortions” to anti-abortion groups when they asked for his support on anti-choice legislation, and proudly declares himself as a humanist. Now the “blind visionary” is taking on gun show loopholes.