Stop bullying showcase at Loft Cinema



Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson

Highlighting student-produced, 30-second public service announcements based on the theme “Creating a Safe Space for All,” The End of Bullying Task Force of CODAC, along with SAAF and the Office of the Pima County School Superintendent invite the community to attend and watch solutions to bullying through the video art of students.

Admission is free and there will be free popcorn, water and T-shirts for the first 200 youth in attendance. Following the film showcase, awards will be presented to age-based categories. This year’s showcase will also feature live music and a raffle for an iPad mini (you must be present to win this prize).

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Former AZ Legislator says US House might impeach Judge Snow

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County is having a less than stellar week, as he stands trial for contempt of court. On Thursday afternoon he was asked by US District Judge Murray Snow if what had been reported by Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times in June 2014 and January 2015, that Arpaio’s office had investigated Snow’s wife, was true. Arpaio admitted it was, to what the AZ Republic reported as “gasps and murmurs in the downtown Phoenix courtroom”.

Arpaio’s fans, who usually bombard comments sections with support for their hero, had been mostly absent on articles about this new development in the trial. One intrepid soul who did wade into the fray was none other than Republican former Arizona Legislator Jack Harper.


That’s a nice “career” you have there, Judge Snow. Harper would hate to see it be, uh, loosed and stiffled by Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte and his statesmanlike GOP colleagues!

O’Malley Rising?

By all appearances, Martin O’Malley is the only Dem preparing to jump in to challenge Hillary. Warren has said no at least 100 times. Sanders is busy laying the groundwork for his ultimate pass, speaking about making sure he’s viable financially. Am I the only one who finds that ironic? He’s not going to run as the champion of the masses to take on the privileged few unless he can find the money to do it? Wow. If you take that logic to its natural conclusion, the more  lopsided things get the less likely he’d be to run.

But I digress. My point here is that if Martin O’Malley were a stock, it might be worth buying a few call options on him. And maybe buying a few put options on Hillary.

We’re still 18 months out from the election, and the NYTimes came out with this today: Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal The known facts are straightforward: The principals of a Canadian mining company, which holds substantial American uranium deposits and wanted to sell a majority stake to a Russian outfit affiliated with the Russian government, had made large contributions to the Clinton Global Fund. The contributions largely were not disclosed. The sale was approved by the State Department, while Hillary was in charge. Oh, and Bill received a half-million dollar speaking fee from a Russian firm that may have had a connection. 

Yes, there will be an explanation why nothing was wrong with this. The explanation will make perfect sense. And this will get swept under the rug, perhaps the same rug under which those questions about the private emails now reside.

But that nagging feeling voters have about her isn’t going away. It’s growing worse.

And Iowa still is 9 months away.

Jeb Bush delivers a final blow to campaign finance regulation

Ed Kilgore at the Political Animal blog comments on Rick Hasen’s piece at Slate. Final Blow to Campaign Finance Regulation?

jeb-and-george-bush-1A lot of observers read about Jeb Bush sending his chief political strategist Mike Murphy off to run his Super-PAC and thought something fundamental, and fundamentally wrong, was happening. But election law expert Rick Hasen has put it all into perspective: this is the next-to-last step before the complete abandonment of any pretense we there are limits on political giving. Hasen adds a key element to our understanding of what Bush is doing: aside from letting the Super-PAC become his de facto campaign organization, Jeb is willing and able during this extended period of alleged non-candidacy to openly coordinate with, and raise money for, said Super-PAC, which means anybody can write him a check for unlimited dollars.

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Hillary Clinton to replicate Howard Dean’s 50 state strategy

The Hillary Clinton campaign intends to replicate Howard Dean’s 50 state strategy that was so effective in 2006 and 2008. (Don’t even get me started about Organizing For America).  This follows on news last month that the liberal donor network Democracy Alliance will focus more on groups working at the state level in the run-up to 2020 (and redistricting). A 50 state strategy and more Democratic money at the state level is a very good thing.

The Huffington Post reports, Hillary Clinton Campaign Launches Grassroots Organizing Program In All 50 States:

hc-220Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is launching a major grassroots organizing effort Wednesday, sending staffers to every single state to start building an infrastructure of volunteers ready to pound the pavement.

What’s being called the “Ramp Up Grassroots Organizing Programwill have paid staffers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the territories through the end of May. They’ll be working with Clinton supporters to organize local meetings, volunteer trainings and other grassroots events, according to the campaign.

Wednesday’s announcement recalls the “50-state strategy” pushed by former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean when he was chair of the Democratic National Committee from 2005 to 2009. Dean argued that Democrats shouldn’t concede any state as “unwinnable” and should invest resources in building an infrastructure in every single state — a strategy Clinton will be testing should she make it to the general election.

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Carly ‘demon sheep’ Fiorina is b-a-a-a-a-a-ck!

demon-sheep-300God help us . . . Carly Fiorina was named one of the “worst CEOs of all time” for engineering HP’s controversial merger with Compaq, and had to be ousted by the board in 2005.

Fiorina later lost a senate race to incumbent Barbara Boxer from California in 2010, a campaign most noted for her bizarre Demon Sheep ads in the GOP primary against Tom Campbell.

This CEO from hell is now threatening to run for president. She’s b-a-a-a-a-a-ck! Carly Fiorina: ‘Worst Tech CEO’ Now Wants To Be President:

While many potential voters may be wondering who Carly Fiorina is, exactly, business analysts will quickly recall the former tech chief as one of the “worst CEOs of all time,” as she was often characterized following her six-year tenure at the head of the Silicon Valley giant.

According to reports from that time, Fiorina tripled her own salary while CEO of HP, while at the same time rendering about 30,000 of the company’s workers jobless in layoffs and firings while presiding over a 50 percent plunge in Hewlett-Packard stock value. Morale reportedly became so poor within the once-great technology firm that employees would openly boo Fiorina at company meetings.

But the seeming lack of respect between workers and Fiorina remains mutual, even a decade after she was given a $42 million “golden parachute” by HP in exchange for leaving the company.

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