AZ Republic won’t endorse in any Legislative race in the general election

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I got forwarded an email by a Dem consultant earlier. It was an exchange between a Dem campaign manager and an editor at the AZ Republic. I’m not calling this particular editor out because this is endemic problem at the paper and it is clearly coming from the top. Here’s the editor’s brusque reply to the manager’s query about general election endorsements:

We are not endorsing any legislative races in the general election. It’s a matter of staffing, time and resources.

Oh really? They had plenty of staff, time, and resources to devote to endorsing in the primaries, not to mention endless op-eds hand-wringing over them and cajoling those precious “independent” voters to ride in and save “moderate” Republicans. And now they don’t have anything to spare for general races? Not even for the handful of competitive ones like the House races in LD9, 18, and 28 (apologies if I’m forgetting other LDs)? This is not only unfair to Democrats who didn’t have primaries, thus never got interviewed for the primary endorsement, but it is incredibly dismissive of the majority of voters who show up for the general election. Basically the Republic is telling the general voters in LD28 that there’s no difference between Dr. Eric Meyer (D) and former Rick Santorum staffer and Tea Party darling Shawnna Bolick (R). Same goes in LD18 for teacher and community leader Mitzi Epstein (D) and Jill Norgaard (R), who is so rabidly anti-choice she doesn’t even support exceptions for the life of the woman, as well as Dr. Randall Friese (D), the surgeon who saved Congresswoman Giffords’ life and who is running to be a strong advocate for health care and Ethan Orr (R), who (yes) is not the worst Republican in the Legislature but that’s hardly high praise. Continue reading

John Kavanagh “cops” to quid pro quo aka Something for Something

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In tennis, it’s called an unforced error. During Tuesday night’s Tea Party forum in Fountain Hills, the question came from the audience. Somebody wanted to know about each candidate’s major campaign donors. It was a showdown between LD23 candidates for the Arizona Senate, Rep. John Kavanagh (R-Private Prison Industry), and his challenger Paula Pennypacker D-Scottsdale.
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There’s crazy, and then there’s Kansas crazy

If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve.” – abbreviated Sherman Pledge, William Tecumseh Sherman

DorothyThe Tea-Publicans in Kansas are desperate to try to save Sen. Pat Roberts from almost certain defeat. Today’s hyper-partisan act of desperation makes it all the more certain that Kansans will punish Tea-Publicans this November.

David Orel, a registered Democrat whose son, Alexander Orel, works as a regional field director in the Kansas City area for Gov. Sam Brownback’s re-election campaign, filed a new lawsuit directly with the Supreme Court of Kansas requesting the court to compel the Democratic Party of Kansas to nominate a candidate for U.S. Senate, after the court approved the withdrawal of its nominee Chad Taylor from the ballot this week.

Stop to savor this for a moment. The Tea-Publican Party of Kansas is asking the Supreme Court of Kansas to compel the Democratic Party of Kansas to nominate a replacement candidate. One political party dictating to another political party what they must do, because authoritarian Tea-Publicans believe they are possessed of a divine right to do so.

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Doug Ducey Disses Tucson with 3 Debate Cancellations

DD-chicken-NL ICYMI, there was a gubernatorial debate between Democrat Fred DuVal, Tea Party Republican Doug Ducey, and Libertatian Barry Hess last night in Tucson.

What? You tried to find the debate on TV, radio, and the Internet, and it wasn’t there? That’s because 99% of Tucson– and the state– was cut out of the process last night. The first DuVal-Ducey debate, held in Phoenix, was broadcast on Phoenix television and streamed live over the Internet, but the Tucson debate was pushed back to an prime time 8 p.m. start by the Ducey campaign, according to DuVal Press Secratary Geoff Vetter. As a result only the 400 people who attended the debate got to see it live.

It’s obvious that the Ducey campaign wants to tightly control communication at all levels, particularly on social media and in the streets. (Why else would you have a debate on the outskirts of town, away from the bus line, on private property, after dark?) He wants voters to base their decisions not on real information from debates and public forums but on the dark money TV commercials bankrolled by his corporate benefactors.

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“Peacemakers” free showing at the Loft

“Peacemakers: Jeremy Gilley in Conversation with Prem Rawat”

Celebrate United Nations International Day of Peace
on Sunday, September 21 at 3:00pm (one time showing only)

Free Admission! at the Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson

Presented by local volunteers with Words of Peace Global as a community rental.

This free screening will be held on the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Peacemakers presents a dynamic discussion between Prem Rawat, respected and internationally recognized speaker on the subject of peace, and Jeremy Gilley, filmmaker and founder of Peace One Day. Peacemakers is the synergy between a man whose vision is to bring peace into everyday lives, and the man who wants to highlight and focus the world’s attention on a single day of cease-fire, non-violence and peace. Peace One Day’s theme for 2014 is: Who will you make peace with? “This isn’t just a day of cease-fire, it’s also a day of non-violence” says Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley, “and we hope that three billion people will be aware of Peace Day by 2016.” Prem Rawat presents his vision of ‘people power’: “We need to just remind people. This is good news. I just want to say ‘Peace is Possible’. And I want to include everyone in that message.”

In response to Jeremy’s and Prem’s call to peaceful action, viewers are encouraged to consider who they want to make peace with, and be peacemakers for at least one day, and then take actions which help peace become possible around the world. (Produced by WOPG, 66 mins., NR) Digital


Why has Shawnna Bolick removed her previous employment with Rick Santorum from her campaign website?

rick santorum sadY u no wanna namecheck me anymore Shawnna?

AZ Representative Dr. Eric Meyer (D-28) sent out a statement calling on his Republican opponent Shawnna Bolick to denounce Russell Pearce for his recent comments extolling forced sterilization of poor women. Pearce had proudly endorsed Bolick, even going so far as to recommend single-shotting her. Bolick responded to Meyer thusly: Continue reading